My name is Piotr Nowicki and this page is my blog mainly about Java related technologies.

If you’re interested in my background, professional experience and development preferences – please visit my Careers 2.0 profile.

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My blog purpose was to have a place where I could share or discuss solutions of development tasks that any developer might face someday. The entries are mainly about the Java SE/EE.

Sip of history

PiotrNowicki.com has been created in 2007 as a storage for my works – a kind of very simple portfolio. By the time, more and more services and projects (SeVeNBlend, gallery, blog, BIS, etc.) were started and worked as separate modules. This version is supposed to combine them all in one place. Until now my blog was published as a separate domain (Nullhaus.com), but as with the other parts, I decided that management of my website should be centralised and brought to one, more concise platform.

Legacy projects

Some time ago, on previous version of my site, I’ve published a list of projects I authored. At this stage, I decided that the more interesting ones will be uploaded to my GitHub account, so I decided not to create additional subpage for them. All links for SeVeNBlend project should still work but I would suggest to use the direct source code uploaded at the GitHub.

3D Modelling

Some time ago I was quite fascinated by Blender - open source software for 3D modelling and rendering. At that time I’ve created few renders and published them on my DeviantArt account (well, I was just looking for some image gallery and that’s how I landed there)