JavaBeans -- getters with Boolean type

When you want to create a boolean property in a Java Bean (let’s name it visible), you most likely would want to use a boolean type variable and create accessors for it.

Well, if you use a boolean primitive it is allowed to create a getter in one of two manners:

public boolean getVisible()


public boolean isVisible()

Notice that the second option is only allowed when your property is a boolean primitive. Therefore, when your property is a Boolean object, the getter should be in only one form:

public Boolean getVisible()

It’s easy to make such a mistake, but JEE EL (Expression Language) is very strict about that (which is understandable).

So, I guess it’s the best just to use the get...() form of a accessor. If you have a code-style language-related problem with accepting getVisible() construct in your code, just try translating your property form from question into statement form like:

Boolean visilibity;

public Boolean getVisibility();

Sounds better, doesn’t it?